Live streaming is the trend of today and it has risen to be a popular means of communication in social media. With streaming you can reach your audience anywhere from anywhere in real-time and cost-efficiently.

Virtually present

When you have the need to produce online education, an interactive webinar, convey the atmosphere of an event or hold a press conference without the obligation to be physically present, your solution is real-time live streaming. Live streaming is a unique one-shot event, for which succeeding is essential. Facebook Live, Youtube, Twitch or broadcast on your own website? Whether your audience is small or large, we will deliver your broadcasts as high-quality multi-camera productions for most platforms.

What should you stream today?

  1. Online classes
  2. Webinars
  3. Board meetings
  4. Press conferences
  5. Interviews and live podcasts
  6. Concerts and theater acts
  7. Gaming and sports competitions
  8. Game shows
  9. Pre-planned videos
  10. Virtual and hybrid events
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